Quickly Turn Your YouTube Channel

Quickly Turn Your
YouTube Channel

Into A Blog And Newsletter

Get your videos seen 3X, build an email list and a second income stream.
Without paying for hosting, Mailchimp or freelancers.
2X Chance Of Being Found On Google, Build An Email List And A Second Income Stream!
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Super Easy Blog Is Perfect For:

No matter your marketing experience, Super Easy Blog’s got the perfect account for you!


Content Creators

Digital Marketers

Authors & Podcasters

Super Easy Blog Is Zero-Effort Blogging

Super Easy Blog Is
Zero-Effort Blogging

Let’s Start Off With The Zero Effort Blogging.. (Because It’s Not Only Does It Cost LESS

… It’s Also Does WAY MORE!

I know, It’s almost impossible to get something that’s better AND cheaper, but with Super Easy Blog, we’ve done just that. You can get the BEST blogging system and the LOWEST costs!

Of The Things That You'll Get Instant Access To When You Create Your FREE Super Easy Blog Account:

Blog Creation At A FRACTION Of The Cost!

Turn your YouTube Channel into a Blog in just 1 click.  Create written content from your videos. Cut the costs and time to create written content to almost zero!

Super Easy Blog creates blog posts from your videos which makes your blog authentic and personal.

Everything you need at a price you can’t ignore!

  • Super Easy Blog uses your YouTube videos to create your blog articles.
  • You can say goodbye to unreliable and expensive copywriters
  • You don’t have to pay for AI copywriting anymore!

Blog & Newsletter In JUST 1 CLICK!

Super Easy Blog is a 1 click solution where you can turn your videos into both blogs and newsletters saving you hundreds of dollars per month. 

And not having to deal with the complexity of installing WordPress, buying Active Campaign or hiring copywriters.

Reaching a wider audience…

Super Easy Blog repurposes your YourTube videos as a blog and newsletter post. 

This allows you to reach people who prefer to consume information in written format or who may have missed the video when it was first posted.

Build an Email Subscribers List!

Turning your YouTube channel into a newsletter allows you to build an email subscribers list, which is a valuable way to reach and engage with your audience.

With Super Easy Blog, you can easily send a weekly newsletter email to your list and even earn sponsor income from it.

Boosting Engagement

Newsletters can help to increase engagement with your audience. 

By providing valuable information in a concise, easy-to-digest format, you can encourage readers to interact with your content and take action.

Saving Time and MONEY!

Super Easy Blog turns video content into a blog and newsletter, saving time and effort. 

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars every month on copywriters anymore.

Be Found on Google on 2 Spots!

You spent a lot of hours publishing a video. Why not let Super Easy Blog turn it into a blog and newsletter post and gain the SEO benefits? 

It’ll double your chance of being found on Google for 2 spots: your YouTube channel and your blog.

A Second Income Stream

Sharing valuable insights and information in your newsletter can help establish yourself or your brand as an authority in your field. 

With a blogging and newsletter, you can earn sponsorship money through your content.

Easy And Automatic Blogging System

Streamline your content creation process by connecting your YouTube channel into Super Easy Blog. And watch your blog grow as you publish more videos on your YouTube channel.

Super Easy Blog Does All Of This...


(Without Paying For Hosting, Mailchimp, or Freelancers!)

But WAIT!!!

Unlock This 'Zero-Effort Blogging System'
When You Join The Super Easy Blog Today!

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beehiiv - The Newsletter Platform Built For Growth

beehiiv is the most successful and the easiest newsletters that allows anyone, regardless of experience, to create a professional, realistic blog and newsletter! 

  • Custom your blog domain 
  • Custom your newsletter’s brand and colors
  • Host unlimited blog and newsletter posts
  • Email opt-in 
  • Zero monthly or annual fees! You get everything beehiiv has to offer… for FREE… as part of Super Easy Blog plan found on this page!

Normally 42 Month

Unlock Access For FREE!

DropinBlog - The Easiest Embeddable Blogging System

DropinBlog lets you embed a blog into your site in only 3 minutes.

No WordPress needed.

  • You can embed your blog and newsletter to your own website
  • You can also embed it to your Teachable site, Kajabi, or 20+ other platforms
  • It will publish a new blog and newsletter post to your website automatically! 

Normally $49 Month

Unlock Access For FREE!

MailChimp - The #1 Email Platform

MailChimp lets you collect, manage and send emails to your subscribers. 

  • You can create email opt-in
  • You can have email opt-in page 
  • You can send email to your list every time you publish a video

Normally $20 Month

Unlock Access For FREE!

Jasper - Create Written Content 10 Times Faster

Jasper is a generative AI platform designed for businesses that can help your team create custom content for your brand at an accelerated pace – up to 10 times faster.

  • You can turn your videos into written blog articles and newsletter in 1 click
  • Keep your written content authentic and high-quality because it is generated from your videos
  • Without paying a monthly fees to Jasper nor copywriters

Normally $99.00

Unlock Access For FREE!

Super Easy Blog Does All Of This...


(Without Paying For Hosting, Mailchimp, or Freelancers!)

Increase Visibility

Have your videos seen by more people, increase impact.

Build An Email List

Build your huge and engaged mailing list with simple clicks.

Make More Money

Maximize your earnings, make more money.

Engage Your Audience

Connect, engage, and build a good relationship with audience.

Repurpose Your Content

Transform videos into different engaging content types at ease.

Increase Conversions

Prompt instant action with each video to captivate audience.


Super Easy Blog Today, Risk-FREE!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with Super Easy Blog within 30 days, we will refund 100% of your payment.

Just email us at support@supereasyblog.com and every penny will be gladly refunded to you within the first 30 days.

Questions? Answers.

Yup! All of our plans are risk-free. And thanks to our money-back guarantee, you’ll get a full refund if you cancel within the first 30 days. If you still want to keep Super Easy Blog, but don’t really need the added benefits, you can always downgrade to our other plans, too.

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Recommends Super Easy Blog

Super Easy Blog is brilliant. The blogging experience is just on the next level.


Recommends Super Easy Blog

Super Easy Blog made blogging simple and easy for me to promote my online courses. This is definitely a gamechanger.


Recommends Super Easy Blog

Super Easy Blog made promoting my online courses through blogging a gamechanger. It’s so simple and user-friendly that I can focus on creating content without the hassle.


Recommends Super Easy Blog

Super Easy Blog has transformed my approach to blogging. It’s incredibly easy to use with advanced features that make professional content creation a breeze.

Increase Visibility, Views
& Income With Super Easy Blog’s
Zero-Effort Blogging Platform!

Create a high-converting newsletter from your YouTube channel without an expensive tech stack or copywriters!