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Add a blog to Kajabi

In this guide, we’ll show you how to add a custom blog to your Kajabi website.

1. Add a blog to your Kajabi website

For detailed instructions, check out How to Create a Blog on Your Kajabi Website

Step 1: Create your blog page on Kajabi

  • On the Kajabi backend, on the left menu, click Design, and select Pages
  • Click the New Website Page button at the right top corner of the screen
  • Under the page name, write “Blog listing”, and hit Customize Page

Step 2: Load the page editor for your blog page

  • Inside the page editor, remove all other sections
  • In the widget list, search for “Code” in the search box, and select Custom Code. Click Add to add the widget to your page
  • Click Edit to start editing the Custom Code widget
  • Set the width of your widget to 12 columns

Step 3: Grab your blog embed code

  • Open the Super Easy Blog admin panel in another tab
  • Click Connect Now at the top of the screen
  • Select Kajabi
  • And grab the blog embed code right under the tutorial video

Step 4: Finish adding a blog to your Kajabi site

  • Go back to your blog page on Kajabi, in the Custom Code area, and paste the embed code from Super Easy Blog
  • And hit Save

Step 5: Verify your blog connection

  • Go back to Super Easy Blog and paste your blog page URL in the Blog Location area
  • And hit Check Connection